Teaching Functions in a grocery shop


A grocery store is sufficient for teaching the meaning of the concept functions.

  1. The meaning of a function is the first concept.

Each item in a grocery store is priced differently. Thus, the item is associated with the cost, and both the quantity of the thing and the cost are quantifiable.

If x is the item, then y is the cost. As a result, we can model as y=f(x), where x denotes the independent variable and y denotes the dependent variable on the set E.

The set E comprises a set of a groceries. Now, if a single item of the same brand and weight has a varied price, it makes no logic and serves no purpose.However, if multiple goods have the same pricing, it is referred to as a function.


Similarly, the business cannot place a price tag on an item that is not physically there. This is nonsensical and does not serve a purpose.

However, depending on the item in the area, there may be no pricing owing to a variety of factors.This results in the formation of a concept known as function in mathematics.

2.The meaning of domain, codomain and range

The items in the shop are the domain’s elements, the prices of the items are the co-domain, and each item has a price in its range.

The distinction between domain, co-domain, and range is as follows:


If the price of an item in a grocery store is not tagged, this price list is referred to as its co-domain.

And regardless of whether the price is indicated, all things in the shop are domain-owned. The price indicated for each item is referred to as its range.

As a result, two situations occur:

domain = co-domain=range (or) domain > co-domain,range < co-domain.

3.The meaning of one-one,Many-one,Onto and Into functions

When no two items have the same price, the concept of 1–1 function is discussed.


If any two or more things have the same price, the function is Many-one.


If each item in the shop has a unique price tag, the shop is active.And this is the case of onto function.(In this case, co-domain equals Range.)


If an item at a shop does not have a price tag for legitimate reasons, it is an Into function. Here, Range < co-domain.


Conclusion: Thus, teaching concepts through the use of real scenarios fosters creativity and innovation, while also clarifying the principles.




teaching mathematics and design, Sharing the experiences learned in the journey of life.

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Prashanthi Anand Rao

Prashanthi Anand Rao

teaching mathematics and design, Sharing the experiences learned in the journey of life.

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